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Nel the Iron AKA Astmaster12 AKA Nel

My Runescape names and clan join date

Nel the Iron and Astmaster12 ive been with the clan for 2 years in October.

What the clan has meant to me

The clan has been a place for me to just shoot the shit and interact with amazing people from around the world, that I never would have to opportunity to meet otherwise. Its a place of relaxation and great fun.

Interesting people I’ve met here

RecentSama Flava Exhaunt Zamz Teds Axsyl Jelly H0pe Voldy M8 Peach Ava Smog Pat Qvy The list continues and this is by far a very short list but it would cause the post to be too long if I named everyone. We just have too many amazing and interesting individuals in this clan.

My favorite memories

Favorite memories, First Bingo was so much fun it was amazing to get to see everyone push themselves and a great competition, onto second bingo being a gamerunner and just shootin the shit with people in discord in chat, all that good stuff. Great times to be had ahead and I look forward to it! As always Mornin/Afternoon/Evenin Friendos!

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