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StayFun AKA Hotwings KFC

My Runescape names and clan join date

My name is StayFun, I joined the clan on 31 august 2021 (1 day before jelly mask!) My previous name is Hotwings KFC

What the clan has meant to me

since the day I joined I feel welcome, every now and then I log in and there are still familiar faces from the past but also new ones. flava is the person who recruited me in edgeville at one of his famous recruiting events. the clan meant a lot to me, it made playing runescape so much more fun! I learned a lot from other players and I made a lot of friends.

Interesting people I’ve met here

Sama, Flava, Exhaunt, Raven, Jelly, Hope, Fkn hell m8, Nel, Queen, Smog, Cire, Teddy, Insaniac, Jeddy, Peach, PadMe, and a LOT of others! Every single one of you guys, you are AWESOME!

My favorite memories

there are a lot of those… the raids, team up and try to survive! the drop parties, one mans trash is another mans treasure! group bosses, not a single boss stayed alive for over 30 seconds!

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