Hello old timer! The modern internet no longer requires www. before a domain – if you were told to visit https://www.wecantread.club/ – it was likely an error from FlavaFlareon, one of our eldest members and also the clan founder.

Here is an excerpt from ChatGPT regarding the use of WorldWideWeb subdomains, along with an AI Generated image of Flava.

Why the “www.” is as Useful as a Screen Door on a Submarine

Welcome to the 21st century, where the “www.” in web addresses is about as necessary as a floppy disk in a smartphone. Seriously, folks, typing those three outdated letters is like insisting on using a rotary phone to text your friends. Our site works perfectly without the “www.” prefix because, surprise surprise, modern browsers are smart enough to find us without the extra fluff. So, save those keystrokes for something important—like adding extra cheese to your pizza order. Welcome to the future of browsing!

PS: Watch out for BEAR