There are multiple methods to officially join the clan. We strongly prefer to communicate with each other via Discord which is an application you can run on any computer, phone, or web browser. Discord allows us to host custom events, communicate immediately, voice chat, video chat, share images, discuss bosses/skills, and organize group activities.

If you are unable to use Discord for reasons & would like to rank up, you can also post your introduction on the official forums at our RuneScape forum thread:

You can visit us at our discord server here:

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For any assistance, check with our Admins either in game or in Discord.

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  1. Anonymous

    Not sure what to do oh well

    1. RecentSama

      There are two ways to officially join our clan.

      (Recommended) You can join us on Discord by visiting the link. The current Discord link is here:

      You can also join us by posting on the RuneScape forums post we have which is linked above in the post.


  2. djbandos

    why should i use this site
    i prefer to resume at game chat only

    1. RecentSama

      This site is just for our members to easily find links to our clan Discord an our clan Forums registration post.

      A member introduction is our only real requirement and we prefer members stick around on our clan Discord in order to remain up to date about events, social activities, bossing, and giveaways that we do.

      Failure to post on forums or discord will result in removal from the clan. Removed members under this circumstance are welcome to rejoin at any point.

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