FlavaFlareon standing in front of Croesus – The first boss he was ever able to kill in his 15 years of runescapery.

Founder of 6th Sense, which has since been renamed to our current “We Cant Read”
True Max
200m Archaeology XP
Led the Bingo 2022 Team, SmurfYeet, which tied for 1st place
Inventor and mad scientiest behind:

Survivor: Karajama (2019) [Game Runner]
Survivor: Anachronia (2020) [Game Runner]
Survivor: Phantoms & Pharaohs (2021) [Game Runner]
Recruitment Savant – Flava is responsibile for over 75% of all recruits currently in the clan. Hundreds can be attributed to him.
Council Member

Expert at hunting water.
Croesus Teacher to Many
Caller of the sus mechanics
Master of Quests

Papa Smurf
Grandpa Smurf

an image from back in 2018 from discord

First messages on discord

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