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Bell Hookz AKA Dr. Zamz

My Runescape names and clan join date

DoctorZamz, SpiderZamz, BussinZamz, (etc)Zamz, bell hookz

What the clan has meant to me

The clan is home in RS3. Playing the game can be a drag, but We Can’t Read made it a place where I can come back to and be cozy! Yall give me life and I’m grateful.

Interesting people I’ve met here

I feel like all yall have been awesome and interesting. I love being able to chill with yall and get into funny bs, serious life sh*t, and even philosophical convos that add to the meaning of my life.

My favorite memories

My top memories include the Christmas giveaways cause people are so nice and thoughtful! I also am grateful for teaching me to sus. Doing our mass sus events was the turning point in my sussy journey and it wouldn’t have been this way without the clan. ❤️

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