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Sxc Babe109 AKA Nat

My Runescape names and clan join date

The one and only Sxc Babe109 – I’m sure my join date was around 2019, Flava and Arro found me doing agility at the barb outpost and sent a random invite. I almost didn’t accept, simply because of his name :dead: I’m a lurker, always have been here and always will be 😈

What the clan has meant to me

This clan has become leaps and bounds more important than I ever thought it would. Not only are the members kind, caring, considerate and hilarious, but they’re also genuine, appreciative, and entirely supportive both in game and in personal life. I honestly never thought I’d find a community that I truly felt I belonged to and genuinely cared for, on deeper than a surface level, but I definitely found that here with my little runescape family ❤️ (sappy bitch)

Interesting people I’ve met here

Sama, Flava, Arro, Ava, Padme, Raven, Axsyl, Neon, hopeless, Jelly, Smog, Donny, Purr, Falcon, oh god there’s too many!!!! I love you all babies! ❤️

My favorite memories

I love just chatting with everyone, the banter and the fun. The group activities in game and out. We really have created a close little community here, I love that everyone can be themselves and no one judges (too harshly). We have had our moments, as everyone does, but no matter what happens in game or personally, we’re all here for one another, and that’s truly special. The knowledge that we combined possess will lead us to clan victory!!!! MUAHAHAHA ONE OF US, ONE OF US!

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