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FrozenNeon AKA Neon

My Runescape names and clan join date

FrozenNeon (previously fantastico J? not sure the timelines of when I changed my rs username and if it was pre-clam) 11/09/2021

What the clan has meant to me

i mostly float in and out of activity with RS, so I’ve been a pretty long time psuedo-lurker who usually comes back around for big events like survivor and bingo. It’s great to have a clan of lovely folks around for events when I am being active, and probably without the clan I’d have permanently bounced off RS3 by now

Interesting people I’ve met here

Flava, Sama, and a bunch of my fellow survivor 2022 people, notably Vivi, Diana, High5 Ghost and many more 🙂

My favorite memories

Survivor 2022 is my favourite clan memory, brilliant event put together wonderfully!

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