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Axsyl AKA Professor Thotius McDaddy Axsyl III, PhD

My Runescape names and clan join date

Axsyl – 8-August-2021

What the clan has meant to me

The clan has been a place for me to make new friends and experience parts of the game that I wasn’t able to before. It’s been a lot of fun making friends and hanging out with people from all over the world.

Interesting people I’ve met here

Jelly, Hope, Smog, Ted, Exhaunt, Voldy, Recent, Flava, Adam, Yvette, Patman, Smithey and so many more

My favorite memories

The complete anarchy of raids, PVMing with my friends, chatting with people on voice chat, the hype of Ted getting a t92 wand, the hype of Exhaunt finishing Praesul title in 400kc, the hype of finishing off 3 pools solo to complete a Yaka kill and the insane reactions in the voice chat.ZS

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