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Patman99s AKA Patman

My Runescape names and clan join date

Patman99s, PatmanBoo, PatmanHoHoHo…. Taking suggestions for a summer name. I joined in August 2021 about 1-2 months after downloading RuneScape. I was doing divination in Canifis when I saw @FlavaFlareon 🇿🇦 recruiting someone else. I liked what he had to say so I asked to join too

What the clan has meant to me

This clan has been huge for me. I was completely lost before joining. I remember the doing a group Arch-Glacor a few days after joining and dying like every other kill. I was a bit worried, but half the people were dying to the mechanics and laughing about it. I knew right away that this was a good group of people. I grew from there to learn from the original revo master @Axsyl 🇬🇧, which allowed me to take on more bosses as a mobile player. Ended up making enough money from Bingo 22 to buy an FSoA and start to move away from pure revo. I got Reaper Crew with the help of so many clan mates and allies and comply cape a few months back. Special thank you to everyone that helped me along the way and spent the extra time dealing with my deaths as I learned new bosses, content, etc.

Interesting people I’ve met here

I mean pretty much everyone in the clan? We’ve got a clan full of characters. I’m going to give a few special shout outs though. Flavor and Sama for putting this group together, the entire admin team for keep those two inline, Axsyl for helping come up with mobile friendly bars and helping me various bosses/Reaper Crew, Jelly, Hope, Vayne for helping me with Reaper Crew. Queen, Smog, Voldy, King, and a few others for running around unlocking music tracks with me, Yvette, Padme, and King for helping me get AoD up and running. Nel, Sama, and Exhaunt for tying for 1st in Bingo 22. Finally AvaLuna and his bananas 🍌

My favorite memories

Initial Arch-Glacor experience still makes me laugh, but the upstart purple team coming from behind to seal the Bingo 22 victory takes the cake.

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