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Dayraven AKA EsolRaven

My Runescape names and clan join date

Dayraven. I can’t exactly remember my clan join date to be honest. It was about 2 years ago.

What the clan has meant to me

From the start I felt very welcome with the clan and it was full of interesting and helpful people. There were many events that I liked. Also the discord conversations I have had were meaningful and fun at times too.

Interesting people I’ve met here

Flava, Recent, Ryana, Purrsia, Pixie an Donny were all very nice people that I have had many great conversations with. Especially how the clan organisers were always thinking of how to make the game fun for everyone. It was inspiring to me how much of their time and love was put into it.

My favorite memories

Without a doubt my favorite memories are from the survivor game we played. It was amazing to experience and I feel like in a game like that you really get to bond with certain people. I also have very fond memories of the crosus boss runs. It was such a chill boss to do and have fun or interesting conversations with everyone.

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