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Im Sleepeh AKA Itsimi AKA Sleepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

My Runescape names and clan join date

Im Sleepeh, Itsimi. March(?) 2022

What the clan has meant to me

Amazing and chill people, fun and engaging events and just an all-round great time.

Interesting people I’ve met here

Flava. Load-shedding has opened my eyes… Sama – but that’s more for Benji. Ex – where those cargo pant photos at? All the UK guys and the banter, solid effort, poms.

My favorite memories

Winning Bingo 2022 – what an event and what a team. Unforgettable. Getting bullied into doing sus and then laughing my ass off as Flava’s internet decided to drop in and out AFTER he insulted my Aussie internet. Planning for survivor and discussing event ideas, then following the progression of the entire event. What an absolute performance from all the players.

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