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Clue Bingo 2024 Signups!

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We Can’t Read is hosting a Clue Bingo! The event starts Monday, March 4, 2024 and will end on Monday, March 24, 2024.
The event may be extended by up to 1 week if the challenges prove too difficult for the majority.

The Bingo Board

This is our current draft of the bingo challenges. It may be adjusted before the Bingo starts if there are issues identified with squares or text. The bottom line shows potential handicap adjustments – having too powerful of a team compared to others may result in some or all of those challenges being replaced on the board with harder versions for your team.
A team that elects to run with 3 members instead of 4 may avoid getting a handicap and the benefit of having one less teammate to split team winnings with.

Thank you to all those that have signed up – signups are now CLOSED. We have started Bingo 2024 with 21 participants 🙂