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Croesus RS3 Bossing Tips

So, you want to do some sus?

We’ve done quite a few 4 man runs (and 2-man, 3-man, 5-man, 6-man, 8-man, and publics) at croesus and find the optimal results to be at 4 man.

Duo Run video with FlavaFlareon + RecentSama (Ending/Core part only):

Duo is possible but it takes a very long time and is disturbing.

Windows users with Alt1 ( ) can additionally add a helper tool “SusAlert” which gives warnings for each mechanic. You can add this easily to your Alt1 by pasting the alt1 link in the built-in browser:


alt1://addapp/ plugin string

A few tips to guide you on your path:

First – If you are learning, don’t rush! Your primary focus is to not take damage. Damage not only hurts you but it adds to Croesus’ “enrage” bar. 100% “enrage” = instant defeat.

100% enrage = defeat.. Unless you’re at the core 😉

Every plot needs to provide 15 resources to the statue of the next 2 plots. See image:

We do this in 4 man by using the deposit box to drop 16 resources, and then carrying an extra 16 to the one furthest away. We can then move the resources our partners deposit to run “short” to complete all 4 statues.

Action Bars can also be optimized. You want similar abilities and skills available easily like what we have highlighted in green in our example below from RecentSama:

Ctrl+S = Your plot resource so you can quickly rot via hotkey

8-Man Croesus (EasySus) Quickguide

During an 8-man sus, each plot is doubled up. (*7man can be done with one on hunter as well)

Each player at each plot will decide who does Short and who does Long.

Blue: Fisher, Green: Miner, Orange: Woodcutter, Red: Hunter

Collect 21 resources, withdraw 5 from deposit box, run to short plot (one counter-clockwise rotation). Contribute resources at statue and poison the plot. Assist with the restoration of the statue and all statues pray together.

Long: Collect 5 resources, deposit in local deposit box, collect another 16 resources. Run to long plot (Two rotations in either direction – prefer counter-clockwise to prevent confusion). Contribute resources to statue and begin restoration.

From our Legendary Clannie – EsolRaven AKA DayRaven AKA “CAAAAAW” we have a shopping list below. I’ve reformatted it in order to make it better for the web 🙂

Croesus shopping list:

Generally good:

Pontifex shadow ring.

-25% skill damage received from all Croesus mechanics.

This item is simply amazing! It will allow you to make a LOT more money in the long run. When upgraded it allows you to get t3 elder troves. In order to get this ring you need to complete:

The Quest series takes some work, but it is worth it 😉

Also – if you overcharge the ring, you can keep it in your bank! Be sure to get this done first 🙂

Artificer’s measure ( 40 dungeoneering, 99 crafting 102 archeology)

Artificers Measure

This item is also amazing. It makes restoring statues at Croesus a LOT faster. You can use pulse core skill boosts to get this when below the required skill levels.

2-4 Super restore potion or flasks.

This is pretty much required to bring. Flasks are better, because they save you inventory space. It is needed to heal back the skill damage you take during the fight.

Sana’s Fyretorch


The Fyrtorch makes it instantaneous to remove “foot fungi” and saves you from having to bring logs/protean logs/wood fungus. In addition, it gives bonus arrowtips and speeds up woodcutting a fair bit.

Protean logs

If you don’t have Sana’s fyrtorch, you need logs to remove the sticky fungus (foot fungus). Protean logs are the best, since they stack. Iron players can bring other logs instead. Beast of burden recommended when doing so.

This is a requirement to go to croesus if you have no other way of removing foot fungi.

Crystal mask spell

Be sure to have a rune pouch for the runes to free up inventory space

This spell can absorb a skill damage hit you take during the fight. Very useful to soak up the slimes and to avoid rotting your resources.

7 earth runes, 6 fire runes, 5 body runes and 4 soul runes are needed to cast it.

Grasping rune pouch

Switch Blood and Lava for Earth and Fire to save on Crystal Mask casting costs

This can be equipped in ranged slot. It can store 4 runes. Very useful for saving those precious inventory slots. Used to store the runes for the crystal mask spell.

Bladed dive ability

Bladed Dive icon – Bladed Dive is in the Attack ability section

Obtained from the shattered world minigame. Need 63M anima to buy this. This is a very useful skill during the fight. Gives a lot of mobility and helps you cross the mushroom fields along with the surge skill.

Double surge and Escape

Escape and Surge

Double Surge allows you to use the surge skill twice in a row. Very useful for mobility and crossing the mushroom field. I personally prefer to use bladed dive + normal surge as it is easier to control.

Escape should be in your ranged panel. It makes you retreat backwards. It can be used to easily move away from the shiny plots for the bombs. I also like using this to get to the middle fast after praying my statue.

Freedom and anticipation skills

Freedom and Anticipate

Needed to avoid or remove the stun mechanic. Most players should have this as the requirements are low. Just make sure you have the skills keybound or on your bar. Anticipation skill is mainly used before the stun and freedom to remove it.

RecentSama’s Woodcutting Preset:

Best equipment:

Nature’s Sentinel outfit. (Needs invention)

7% increased success chance

Sana’s fyrtorch

is the woodcutting offhand item. It drops from Croesus. You can also buy this on the G.E.

6% increased success chance

20% chance to cut extra log

Chance for splintering arrow tips when woodcutting.

Can be used instead of logs to remove sticky fungus (foot fungus). This also has a way better animation and you won’t have a movement delay on you after using this.

Augmented crystal hatchet

Currently the best hatchet. For perks I recommend honed 6 (budget honed 5) and either fortune 3, prosper for clue scrolls or furnace 4 for extra xp.

If the crystal hatchet is too much work, then augmented dragon hatchet is a budget option.

Best buffs for woodcutting are:

Perfect plus potion (need to have recipe) or a perfect juju woodcutting potion.

5% chance to cut extra log.

Lumberjack aura (loyalty store)

Best version has 15% increased success chance.

Sama’s Fishing Loadout

Best equipment:

Fury shark outfit (needs invention)

7% increased success chance

10% chance for extra fish

Make sure to turn off the consume fish option on the head!

Fishing rod-o-matic (needs invention)

Note: The crystal fishing rod does not work on Croesus ☹

Best perks on this are honed 6 (honed 5 budget) and fortune 3, prosper for clues or furnace 4 for exp.

Best buffs:

Perfect plus potion (needs recipe) or Perfect juju fishing potion.

5% increased success chance.

Call of the sea aura (loyalty store)

Best version has 15% increased success chance.

Granite lobster pouch. (74 summoning)

Hidden +4 fishing boost. Does not increase damage on Croesus middle. This buff can help a little, but is not super important.

Fishing cape (lvl 99 fishing)

Equipped to give an invisible fishing bonus.


Sama’s Mining Loadout

Best equipment:

Augmented pickaxe of earth and song.

Has the same stats as elder rune +5, but the augment makes it much better.

Best perks are honed 6 (honed 5 budget) , fortune 3 and prosper.

Note: Do NOT use furnace perk when mining on Croesus. It will reduce your gathering speed by a lot. This is because mining is based on progress bars and furnace will stop it going up.

Magic golem outfit (needs invention)

5% more crit chance

This outfit is the least impactful of all the skilling outfits for Croesus.

Tagga’s core hammer

This is the mining offhand. Also drops from Croesus or can be bought from the G.E.

10% more crit chance

+35 critical damage

Bonus deathspore arrow tips when mining.

Mining cape (needs lvl 99 mining)

5% chance for extra ore

Best buffs:

Quarrymaster aura (from loyalty store)

Best version gives 10% crit chance.


Best equipment:

Volcanic trapper outfit (needs invention)

7% increased success chance

10% chance for extra spore

Magic butterfly net

Increased success chance (not sure by how much)

Hunter cape (lvl 99 hunter)

Can be equipped and activated regularly.

Best buffs:

Arctic bear pouch (71 summoning)

invisible boost of +7 hunter levels. Won’t work for damage in middle.

Extreme hunter potion (80 herblore)

Temporary boost of +17. This is mainly used to deal more damage to middle when it is spores.

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