Hall of Memories: A Quick Guide

How to get to Hall of Memories!
2 options: Fastest is to go to your Currency pouch and Right Click on the Memory Shards to teleport directly:
Video: Here

You can also get there by heading to the North West of Eagles Peak lode:

How to get empty urns:
From the HOM entrance, head to the East cavern and fill your inventory with Jars.
Video: https://i.gyazo.com/583a5c265987f23a70304666a3c83b81.mp4

How to 2-tick: Click every 2 ticks!!! duh. Video below for example. This doubles your xp rate and turns this afk skill into active skill 😀

For easier times, it is recommended to use a metronome such as:

100BPM is about right for you to click every other beat. If that’s not working right for you, you can try to reduce or add a few numbers to the BPM. Ping speed might have some effect on it.

If 100bpm works for you, and clicking noises drive you crazy, I highly recommend using something like this playlist (songs at 100bpm):

How to gain xp:
After you fill up your inventory with full div jars:

Head to the North platform to sacrifice goa… i mean your jars:

At this point, you will want to turn on your pulse cores for div, make sure your incense stix are lit, and make sure you have a few div urns. Once all of your XP buffs are active, DUMP THAT SHIT!!!

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