Fort Forinthry – A poem

In the lands of Gielinor, where the brave souls stray, Lies Fort Forinthry, old and gray. Amid the wilderness, amidst ruin and decay, A haunting echo of the ancient God Wars’ fray.

Once a fortress proud, where Saradomin’s light shone bright, Now a desolate domain under the moon’s pale light. The stark remains of a sacred place, Bear the scars of a timeless disgrace.

Where walls once held, now crumbles stone, Where life once thrived, now death has grown. But still, it stands, this ghost of war, Reminding all of past glory, of lore.

Underneath its shadows, demons roam, Echoes of the past, this fortress their home. Revenants and ghosts, in every nook, Whisper tales of a history, the world forsook.

Once the jewel of a holy empire, Now succumbed to wilderness and mire. Yet, within its ruins, hidden treasures lay, For those who dare to tread the wild way.

The air is heavy with secrets untold, Of brave knights, and legends bold. In the crumbled fort, in the winds’ sad sighs, The story of Forinthry lies.

A relic of a time, in memory lost, The fort stands silent, bearing the cost. Of wars and conflicts, of power’s lust, In Forinthry, we trust.

Bearing witness to the everchanging tide, In its silent watch, it takes pride. For even in ruin, it stands tall, Fort Forinthry, surviving through it all.

So remember, adventurer, as you pass by, To salute the fort under the cold sky. Its tale one of valour, ruin, and despair, Fort Forinthry, a monument beyond compare.

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