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Nathanaell AKA Nate AKA Sexy Voice Guy

My Runescape names and clan join date

Nathanaell, join date 21/6/2019

What the clan has meant to me

Found this clan when I was just about to take a break/quit the game, had grown bored of the game overall doing the same stuff over and over again. with no-one to share my achievements with, funnily enough met someone who had their own clan, this someone met up with Sama and Flava and decide to merge the clans…I immediately was drawn to the vibe and the clanmates, so welcoming and funny. Made me feel one of their own from day 1, grown to love each and everyone one here. And when COVID hit, its like we where a huge family playing from all over the world. Ranging from my tiny country (Malta) to the UK, up to USA! – we chatted on discord via voice and messages, and while there was a stormn outside, I found comfort with the clan, lived my life happily on, also this clan was with me through a bad period in my life aswell. I knew that when I came home, turned on my PC and said hello to the clannies they always said hi back and we joked and laughed together. In a nutshell this is like my 2nd online family.

Interesting people I’ve met here

Quite alot of interesting people, as stated earlier, met people from all over the world with different ideas and cultures, shared out thoughts and playstyles, also met people from my own country aswell!(small world huh!)

My favorite memories

By far my favourite memory within the clan was the first clan hosted survivor… what a roller coaster of emotions! – Was quite active in that one and I flew so under the radar that I made it to the finals. Ultimately got kicked out however. Was a close one as well! Its a memory I’ll cherish.
My other favourite memory was this one time on discord voice chat when I was told I have a nice voice 👀 And some other memories along the way include, celebrating achievements big or small. Mine or someone elses, we always cheers for one another.

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