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QvyV2 AKA [Cue-Vee]

My Runescape names and clan join date

QvyV2, the angry Scotsman, quite vocal yodeller, ask ex if I’ve missed any… I joined this clan around 3 weeks ago after a brief 30 second holiday 😅 before that I’m not actually sure when I joined. (9/25/2021)

What the clan has meant to me

Well, before joining we can’t read, I was clan hopping a bit as nothing I joined was ever active with events/Pvm and at that time I had no idea how to boss atall and wanted to learn.. After joining I realised this was the place for me, nightly events and always someone happy to help teach a boss. Now I’m teaching 😅 I guess in summary this clan made me want to play the game again?

Interesting people I’ve met here

Well there are far too many to list, though obviously my recruiter Exhaunt must get a mention. There’s Meg, the big grinder! Nuxxes love of spiders. Flava and Sama the married couple, smog the ‘comedian’?? Fkn Hell, just for the name, and zammy! Honestly the list would go on and you’d all get bored reading so I’ll stop!

My favorite memories

My favourite memory has to be the get together for the prize giving for survivor. I think I spent 700m in silly games and losing my bet that king would win 😂 Here’s to many many more!

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