Fort Forinthry – A poem

In the lands of Gielinor, where the brave souls stray, Lies Fort Forinthry, old and gray. Amid the wilderness, amidst ruin and decay, A haunting echo of the ancient God Wars' fray. Once a fortress proud, where Saradomin's light shone bright, Now a desolate domain under the moon's pale light. The stark remains of a…



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Survivor 2022 - Imps vs. Giants

Survivor 2022: Imps vs. Giants

Clan Survivor 2022 has started - We have over 2.5 billion in prizes for our contestants, and hundreds more for our Audience. Survivor runs from Nov 1, 2022 - Nov 30, 2022 and involves in-game challenges as well as discord/text/voice/minigame based challenges designed by our Game Masters to test the will and wits of our…


Croesus RS3 Bossing Tips

So, you want to do some sus?We've done quite a few 4 man runs (and 2-man, 3-man, 5-man, 6-man, 8-man, and publics) at croesus and find the optimal results to be at 4 man. Duo Run video with FlavaFlareon + RecentSama (Ending/Core part only): is possible but it takes a very long time and…

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IT'S TIME! Survivor is an event we've run for the last few years as a way to break the ice, encourage teamwork, and honor our hardest working players. We have pooled together a substantial amount of effort, time, and GP to bring you a special event that no other decent clan in Runescape offers -…



Beware the Mind Goblin. It comes for us allSpecial thanks to new recruit Lucius PKRemember to join our discord

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