Quick Tips for Barrows: Rise of the Six (ROTS RS3)

Hi! I'm RecentSama and I'm here to imbue upon you some seriously condensed tips for your first time (or maybe even your 10th time) at Rise of the Six. Rise of the Six is a relatively tough battle. Teleports are Disabled. Victory or Defeat is the only outcome! There are 6 brothers during the battle…


Hall of Memories: A Quick Guide

How to get to Hall of Memories!2 options: Fastest is to go to your Currency pouch and Right Click on the Memory Shards to teleport directly:Video: HereYou can also get there by heading to the North West of Eagles Peak lode: How to get empty urns:From the HOM entrance, head to the East cavern and…


RuneScape 3: Archaeology is Coming March 30, 2020

It was announced yesterday via official streams that Archaeology is coming. From the videos, it appears there will be an area South of Canifis with a Tower of Light (that will have to be Conquered by players) that is pissing off Lady Vanescula Drakan (who is one of the main people from the River of…


New Banner!!!

Today we added a new banner. It took us a long time to do, because we can't read! Please note, it's a large fuckin banner (34mb) so it might take a minute to show up for you!! ??? Easter eggs you say? What is this i cant even.... Anyways... I decided to add more voices…


Being cool

Be like this guy We never learned to reedPrincezs, 2018 Be attractive Don't be unattractive Profit Raw shark I know what is what. U don't know what is what. I strut... What the fuck

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