Quick Tips for Barrows: Rise of the Six (ROTS RS3)

Hi! I’m RecentSama and I’m here to imbue upon you some seriously condensed tips for your first time (or maybe even your 10th time) at Rise of the Six. Rise of the Six is a relatively tough battle.

Teleports are Disabled. Victory or Defeat is the only outcome!
There are 6 brothers during the battle split evenly between two sides. The brothers on each side change daily.
They have extremely high defence, you want to value accuracy a bit more than damage. T92 equipment is preferred.
Follow the order!
Avoid Lightning!!!!!! Lightning strikes the squares. Almost an instakill.
Watch out for BOMBS!!! These have a massive range and do more damage if you’re closer. SURGE AWAY.
Watch out for Guthan’s spear. You must incite him or get him to attack you to have him remove it from you or else you will get a long bleed effect.
WATCH OUT FOR TORAG POUNDING YOUR TEAMMATE INTO THE GROUND. The only way to fix this is for a teammate to DPS the bastard.

After winning the battle, make sure you have luck enhancer on, and open the chest. The hardest part is to escape alive with your loot. Generally, there are between 1-5 bridges that need to be crossed. One person may cross at a time, or a vine/platform jump can be used once per bridge. The first player must be sure not to use the vine/platform jumps as the players behind will have more obstacles.

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